Bidding welcome as reorganised BTN BikeShare scheme goes out to tender

Bidders are being sought for a reorganised BTN BikeShare scheme to launch in 2023.

A tender to operate the new scheme has been published with bids being accepted up until early May. We hope to agree new Operator and Bike supplier contracts by late August. 

A new contract will include expanding the current fleet of bikes from 600 to 780, of which at least 60% will be electric bikes.

Bike orders will take some time to arrive due to global supply chain issues, so the current scheme will continue with more refurbished bikes until the new fleet has been delivered and all systems have been tested.  

"A man riding a bike on a road"

The new scheme will also create the potential to expand the current scheme to neighbouring local authorities. 

The new operator will be scored not only on the quality of their bid and offer to users, but also on their sustainability commitments and the social value they can offer to the city. 

This will require them to tailor their marketing and offers to underrepresented cycling groups in the city, such as those from the BME community, over 55s and others, to create employment opportunities for young people and to show that sustainability will be a key part of the way the scheme is operated.

An exciting future for BTN BikeShare

The reorganised scheme will see several changes to the current BTN BikeShare offer

  • At least 60% of the new fleet of bikes will be electric
  • 312 new pedal-only bikes to replace the existing pedal-only fleet
  • More hubs around the city to make the scheme truly city wide
  • A range of tariff options for users
  • A new sponsor partnership offer

An evolving community asset

Councillor Steve Davis, Co-Chair of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee said: “This really is an exciting time for BTN BikeShare. With electric bikes being added to the fleet and new hubs planned for the city, we’re giving our residents and visitors every reason to take advantage of this wonderful scheme. 

“We have to offer options to vehicle use and this is a step in the right direction if we are to meet our carbon neutral targets.

“There’s also the thrilling prospect of seeing the scheme expanded beyond Brighton & Hove’s boundaries.

“BTN BikeShare is a community asset the city can be proud of. It’s a key part of our work to tackle the climate crisis, reduce congestion and reach our target of being net zero by 2030.”

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