Be amazing – Be a Shared Lives carer!

We’ve launched a campaign to recruit amazing people who can give a home to adults who are unable to live by themselves. 

Our fantastic Shared Lives scheme links up adults and young people aged 16+ with a learning disability with carers who provide support and accommodation in their own home. 

Our carers come from all walks of life and can be couples or singles, with or without children, homeowners or tenants.

Full training and support provided 

Carers give an adult a home full-time or for short breaks, respite or day activities and are paid based on the needs of each person, with full training and support provided. 

It’s also a life-changing job you can do in your own home, and as some of the adults carry out an activity during the day like voluntary work or training, the role can be flexible.   

The main things potential carers need are a spare room and a desire to help people with extra needs to be as independent as possible in a homely environment. 

Before a match can be made, a full assessment and suitability on both sides is carried out.

Ebby’s shared life with Jackie and Jim 

Ebby moved in with Jackie and Jim under the Shared Lives scheme in 2015. 

Jackie, who has various jobs beforehand, including working in care, said: “We had a spare room after my son moved out and I had heard about Shared Lives from friends. 

“It’s rewarding to be able to open my home and make a difference. Ebby and I know each other well and I can support her to do the things she likes, and I’ve seen her develop her skills over the years. 

“We make plans together and get out and do fun things like going out for meals, trips out and holidays. Ebby loves holidays.

Dogs, shopping and much more! 

“Then there are the everyday things – we support Ebby to join in with things around the house and to do as much for herself as possible. She enjoys taking the dogs out for a walk with Jim and loves shopping.  

“After we applied there was an assessment to see whether Shared Lives was for us. The Shared Lives scheme were really supportive and thorough. We did training and had time to discuss everything.  

“Once we were approved it was important to find the right person to match with us as a family. We see our Shared Lives officer regularly for support and advice and keep our training up to date.  

“We get together as carers for meetings and for social activities. It’s good to feel part of something, share ideas and support each other.  

“I think it would be great if more people came forward to give people the chance to live this way. We get a weekly fee and the person has their own money to spend.”

Supporting independence

Councillor Zoe John, chair of the council’s Corporate Parenting Board, said: “Shared Lives is an extremely important and valuable scheme that gives adults who can’t live by themselves the support to be independent.  

“But it’s also a fantastic opportunity for people who would like to work from home and make a huge difference to someone’s life. 

“That’s why I’m extremely pleased we’re launching a recruitment campaign to find new Shared Lives carers. Carers can be couples or singles, those with or without children, home-owners or tenants.”

It could be your best decision ever 

Councillor John added: “Come and join us. Many of our carers tell us that joining Shared Lives is the best decision they’ve ever made.” 

If you’d like to know more about our Shared Lives scheme, please: