Thank you for keeping events Covid-safe

Following successful festivals in spring and early summer, the stage is set for further Covid-safe events.

Organisers have been working hard to keep participants safe, helped by audiences following guidelines and taking part in ‘test and trace,’ the vaccination programme and pre-attendance covid tests.

All events in the city are being organised in accordance with covid safety guidance and organisers have been making sure their audience, artists and teams are able to keep safe and enjoy the culture the city is so famous for.

Event organisers have responded positively to the challenges and adapted to make sure that protecting health and preventing the spread of the virus is the number one consideration.

Brighton Festival and Brighton Fringe

In May and June, Brighton Festival was the first multi-arts festival in the UK to open after the coronavirus pandemic caused cancellations throughout 2020.

The Festival put on more than 100 events, including some online. With highly restricted in-person event capacity, artists adapted and invented new ways to share their stories, creating intimate and powerful experiences.

During June and July Brighton Fringe staged 630 events, 170 digital and 460 in-person following Covid-safety guidance

Brighton Fringe is the largest festival in England, embracing every art form and artist in its exciting and unusual programme. Organisers moved and extended dates for the safety of audiences, participants and venues, and to ensure more people were able to enjoy the festival.

Vitally important to continue to keep everyone safe

Earlier this month the council agreed additional Covid-safe conditions for more recent events, such as ‘On the Beach’ in July. 

These include ensuring that all ticket holders must ‘check in’ on arrival and show they are either double vaccinated or have tested negative using the NHS App system as proof before they can gain admission. 

Council leader Phélim Mac Cafferty said: “Even though restrictions have been lifted nationally, Covid rates in the city are still high so it’s still vitally important to continue to keep everyone safe and break the transmission of the virus.

"We can do that by wearing a mask in crowded places, meeting outdoors or in well ventilated places, getting tested and having our vaccination.

“I want to sincerely thank event organisers and businesses in the city for the amazing way they have responded to a seriously challenging period and are bringing back culture safely.

"I’d also like to thank audiences and participants for respecting and following the covid-safe guidelines. Culture and events are a treasured part of our city and a key part of how we recover.”

Brighton & Hove Pride

One of the events missing from our calendar this year has been the annual Brighton & Hove Pride festival which traditionally takes place in August. 

Pride is running a series of smaller ticketed events under the banner ‘Pride at the Ironworks’. 

If you are taking part in these or marking Pride informally this year, please continue to be Covid-safe to protect yourself and others and to avoid adding extra pressure on already overstretched emergency services.

Here are some tips to keep you, family and friends safe when out and about: 

  • We’re a mask-friendly city – wear a mask in enclosed and crowded spaces where you can
  • Everyone can get free home test kits from chemists - test yourself before you meet friends and go out and about in the city
  • If you’re 18-29, you can get an additional test while you’re out. Pop in a few days before the weekend to check you’re ok and not spreading Covid without realising.
  • Local businesses, event organisers and arts venues are working hard to ensure their customers and staff are safe. Be prepared to follow their covid-safe guidelines. These could include limiting numbers inside and asking people to keep physical distance, as well as wearing a mask and using the hand sanitisers provided

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