Take your rubbish home if bins are full, urges council

With crowds of people gathering on the beach and seafront, we’re urging people to take their rubbish home if our bins are full.

We've put around 70 additional large communal-type bins on the seafront, but we know some people are still leaving their waste beside the existing triple bins while the new ones remain empty.

Clear signage is being put on the new bins to ensure people know they can be used, as some people think they may be for trade use only.

But even if these additional bins do become full, we’re calling on people to find a bin that isn’t full or take their rubbish home.

More people means more waste

Council leader Phélim Mac Cafferty said: “The easing of lockdown and warm weather has meant thousands of people gathering on the beach and seafront, leading to a huge build-up of extra waste.

"There’s cautious optimism as our focus remains on how we re-open in a safe way. But we all have to play our part to keep our city clean and welcoming.

“Planning ahead for the return of the warm weather, the council has already put in place a range of measures to deal with extra rubbish. This includes 70 extra-large bins, additional crews emptying the bins and a team collecting side waste.

"On Monday we agreed our plan to manage the city safely through the next weeks and months. We want to keep visitors and local businesses and residents safe – enabling them to enjoy the city safely."

'400 bins along the seafront'

Cllr Mac Cafferty added: “There are almost 400 bins along the seafront that people can use for their rubbish. If the closest bin is full, we’re asking people to please find one that isn’t full or take your rubbish home.

“Our crews will be out playing their part, but we need you to play your part too. Don’t leave rubbish beside a bin that’s already full. Rubbish bags are easily pulled apart and then cause rubbish and health hazards.”

Extra measures to combat seafront rubbish 

Additional measures we'll be taking to tackle the build-up of waste on the beach and seafront include:

  • Clear signage on the additional large bins to ensure people know they can be used
  • Signage reminding people to take their litter home if the bin is full
  • Extra signage reminding people they face on-the-spot fines of £150 for littering
  • Additional staff from now until the end of the summer to collect waste
  • Pavement stencilling and vinyls from Brighton station to the seafront reminding people to use a bin that’s not full or take their rubbish home

'Waste around bins is a danger to health and safety'

Cllr Mac Cafferty added: “We all want to enjoy our beautiful beach and seafront, but waste accumulating around bins while other bins lie empty not only creates an eyesore, it is dangerous to our health and safety.

“Much of this waste also ends up on the beach or in the sea where we know it’s causing terrible damage to the environment.

“I’m urging everyone to please take pride in our beautiful city, look after our beach and seafront, as well as ourselves, and dispose of rubbish properly or take it home.”