Supporting a safer Brighton & Hove – backing UN Global Road Safety Week

We’re joining efforts to cut the number of people killed and seriously injured on our roads by supporting UN Global Road Safety Week (17 – 23 May)

The week is looking to promote 20mph zones in any space where people walk, live and play.

Brighton & Hove was one of the first cities in the UK to adopt wide ranging 20mph limits, which have shown to have reduced speeds, reduce certain types of collision and give drivers more time to react.

They have also been shown to support more people to travel actively, create less pollution and increase community cohesion.

We are placing seven of our Mobile Vehicle Activated Signs (MVAS) to remind drivers about their speed while local Speedwatch groups will also be working in 20mph and 30mph areas.

Sussex Police will be targeting enforcement of the speed limit in areas where there is concern. 
You can report anti-social driving behaviour on the Sussex Police Operation Crackdown website.

Reducing casualties on our roads

In 2019, 1752 people were tragically killed on the roads of Great Britain while another 25,945 were seriously injured. Casualties caused by speed have risen in the city from 151 (2019) to 161 (2020). Did you know that:

•    If you hit someone at 20mph, they have a 99% chance of surviving the collision compared to 93% at 30mph and 69% at 40mph
•    62% of all collisions occur in urban areas
•    93% of collisions are down to driver/rider error
•    Nationwide in 2019, under free flow conditions 86% of cars exceeded the speed limit at 20mph sites and 54% on 30mph roads.

Sharing the responsibility

Councillor Steve Davis, member of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee said: “We all have a responsibility in reducing the number of people being killed and injured on our roads. While we’ve seen positive results in Brighton & Hove, there is still a minority of selfish drivers who still believe it’s acceptable to drive over the speed limits. It is not.

“20mph zones and speed limits are proven to reduce speeds and casualty numbers, as well as improve air quality and support active travel. 

“We fully support the work being done by UN Global Road Safety Week and our road safety officers in the city and across Sussex.”

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