Stay Covid safe this Easter weekend

The number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the city came down again last week.

In the seven days up to 26 March there were 90 confirmed new Covid-19 cases in the city which is a 21% decrease on the previous week and equivalent to a weekly rate of 31 per 100,000 residents. This is lower than the rate for England, which was 55 per 100,000 and the South East at 35 per 100,000. Rates are even lower in the most vulnerable over 60 age group.

During the first week of relaxed lockdown rules, with small groups of up to six people or two households now allowed to meet outdoors, the city also experienced crowding on our beaches and parks.

Alistair Hill, director of public health, warns of the risk that Covid could spread as people begin to mix again. He said:

“I need to remind everyone that Covid is still among us. Even though being outside in fresh air reduces the risk, the virus spreads most easily when people come into close contact with each other.

“We are at a crucial moment and it’s more important than ever to act safely to prevent the spread of infection that would undo the hard-gained results from lockdown. The government’s roadmap out of lockdown depends on infection rates remaining low to keep the pressure off the NHS while the vaccination programme rolls out. It’s imperative we all continue to do everything possible to keep the number of cases down and keep the pressure off the NHS, so that we can reach the goal of living without restrictions in June.

“Please continue to keep up the practices learned during lockdown and give space, wear face coverings and use hand sanitisers. And remember, outdoor gatherings are limited to 6 people or two households.

“As well as keeping a safe social distance within your own small groups, please be aware of other people and give space for them too. We have miles of beaches and acres of green space to enjoy in the city without crowding.”

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