A statement about the care of Tony Hickmott

A Brighton & Hove City Council spokesperson said: “We are aware of the difficulties Tony’s parents have faced in seeing their son over the years and are very sympathetic to their situation. 

“We are working closely with his family and other key parties to secure safe and sustainable accommodation that would enable Tony to live in his own home in the community close to the Brighton area and his parents.
“Tony has extremely complex needs. His current out-of-town accommodation is the nearest that offers the specialist care and the very high staffing ratios required to care for him and manage his needs.
“We have tried on a number of occasions in recent years to find a sustainable solution for Tony’s care needs nearer to Brighton & Hove that ensures the safety both of Tony and of the staff looking after him. Unfortunately these were not successful. 

“We are now working with Tony’s parents, NHS colleagues and a new housing provider and we are actively considering options over the coming months which will meet the needs of Tony and the wishes of his parents.”