St Nicolas CofE Primary School latest to join School Streets scheme

A Portslade primary will join the growing list of those taking part in the city’s School Streets scheme next month.

Children attending St Nicolas CofE Primary will soon be able to enjoy a safer and more sustainable journey to the school gate when more begin their return to the classroom.

We have been working with the school as part of the Access Fund for Sustainable Travel project for more than a year. St Nicolas’ was assessed for its suitability before the pandemic and we’ve engaged with them to come up with a scheme that will provide a safe and pleasant environment during drop off and pick up times.

"girl in a school uniform on a scooter, scooting on a pavement"

More details of the scheme

Beginning on March 1, restrictions on motor vehicles are being put in place on Highlands Road, west of the junction with Fairfield Gardens, between 8am - 10am and 2pm - 4pm, Monday - Friday during term time only. Like other School Streets schemes, the restrictions will not apply to:

•    residents who live on the streets affected;
•    Blue Badge holders;
•    doctors & care visitors to residents in the street;
•    business owners with premises in the street;
•    business, school staff, or others accessing on-premises parking;
•    emergency services;
•    contract school transport;
•    businesses making deliveries.

We will be staffing barriers for the first two weeks from 8 March to raise awareness of the scheme. 

The restrictions are being put in place through an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) which gives us the flexibility to alter the scheme if necessary. The ETRO will be in place for up to 18 months and any comments or objections can be made within the first 6 months.

Residents living in the streets affected have been informed by letter of the changes.

"A road sign with the words 'Highlands Road'"

What are School Streets?

School Streets support the safe movement of children to and from school by creating streets that allow for more walking, cycling or scooting. They reduce congestion around the school gates, improve air quality and encourage active and sustainable travel around the school.

In September 2020, as part of measures to support a safe return to the classroom during the Covid-19 pandemic, School Streets was trialled at nine schools for which we received a lot of positive feedback from parents, school staff and children. 

Read more about School Streets

Headteacher Andy Richbell said: ‘We’ve been hoping for something like this for a very long time, so it’s most welcome’

Chair of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee, Amy Heley said: “It’s great to see St Nicolas’ starting School Streets next month and I know it has a lot of support from the school’s community.

“We are continuing to build a safe and sustainable transport infrastructure for our children and School Streets is a great way of introducing them to active and accessible travel from an early age. I’m looking forward to seeing more walk, cycle and school their way to the classroom.

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