A safe, happy and Covid-free weekend

Although the city’s main Pride events aren’t happening this year, we’re expecting large numbers of visitors to come to the city this weekend, 7 & 8 August, when it was due to take place.

Most Covid safety regulations in England ended on 19 July but the community parade, village party and festival events had to be cancelled again this year due to uncertainty about planning and running large events during the pandemic.

Pride is an important community event in Brighton & Hove’s cultural calendar and many residents will want to celebrate LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion.

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Brighton & Hove have been rising throughout the summer, especially among young adults who have not yet been fully vaccinated. 

We’re asking visitors to keep themselves safe and prevent the virus spreading more widely.

Steps to stop Covid

Alistair Hill, Director of Public Health outlines the steps everyone can take to stop Covid from spoiling any celebrations.

He said: “First and most important of all, if you have any of the Covid symptoms – even if mild – like a new cough, fever or if your senses of smell and taste are off, please stay home and book a PCR test right away.

“We know that many people with Covid don’t get any symptoms and can pass it on to people they meet without meaning to. 

“Everyone is encouraged to do symptom-free lateral flow tests at home at least twice a week, especially if you’re planning to go out partying with friends. 

“Why not pack a box in your luggage so you can do a quick test while you’re away, or they can be picked up at chemists all around the city.”

Marking the traditional Pride weekend safely

Leader of the Council, Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty, said: “Brighton & Hove is a friendly and welcoming city and we believe passionately in the importance of Pride as a celebration of LGBTQ+ history, and to mark progress in the fight for equality. 

“Though we’ve come far, there’s still a long way to go, particularly as the pandemic has deepened inequality. Hate crimes and discrimination persists – including in our own city, as sadly evidenced recently. 

“Although events will be different this year, we want everyone marking Pride to be able to do so in a safe way. That means reporting any hate crimes or unacceptable behaviour too and taking care of each other. 

“Ahead of a busy weekend and with Covid-19 cases unfortunately still high in the city, we’re asking everyone to continue to do everything we can to keep Covid cases down. We know the last thing people want is to become sick or pass on Covid-19 to others.

“Please remember that not everyone you’ll come across will feel safe in crowded places, and that meeting outdoors or in well ventilated spaces is still better than meeting indoors. 

“We’re also proud to be a mask-friendly city where many of us continue to wear face coverings when we’re away from home. 

“As we mark a slightly different Pride weekend, let’s keep doing everything we can to keep each other safe – so we can look forward to welcoming back the fantastic community parade, festival and Pride celebrations with a bang next year.”

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