Rates of Covid continue to fall in Brighton & Hove

For the second week in a row, Covid rates have come down in Brighton & Hove. In the past week there was a 40% decrease in the number of confirmed cases of the virus.

In the seven days up to 22 January there were 880 confirmed new cases of Covid-19 in the city. This is equivalent to a weekly rate of 303 per 100,000 residents – which is lower than England at 387 per 100,000 and 368 per 100,000 in the South East.

Alistair Hill, director of public health said:

“This week’s data confirms that lockdown is working. Numbers of confirmed cases of Covid are steadily decreasing across all age groups, including the over 60s who remain our greatest concern.

““I want to thank everyone for playing your part in driving down infection rates in our city.

“We all want the be free of the restrictions placed on us by the Covid pandemic. I know how difficult lockdown is for everyone, but it is too early to relax.

“We must all continue to follow the rules by staying at home as much as possible and diligently following the hands, face, space guidelines – especially in busy places where you cannot stay two meters apart from other people.”

Commenting on the new vaccination centre that opened in the Brighton Centre this week, Mr Hill said:

“I know many people are keen to get vaccinated as soon as possible and want to know when that will happen. Please do not contact your GP, the NHS or the Brighton Centre.

“The NHS is steadily vaccinating people to the government’s schedule, starting with our oldest and most vulnerable residents and health and social care staff. When it is your turn you will receive an invitation to book your vaccination.”

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