Please limit the use of our playgrounds during lockdown

We’re today advising people not to congregate in our children’s playgrounds due to the high risks of Covid transmission.

Although government guidance is to meet outside rather than inside, groups of people – children, young people and adults – are using playgrounds to meet up and socialise for long periods of time.

Congregating in one place means the new strain of the virus is a perfect breeding ground and could be spreading rapidly throughout communities.

We realise how difficult it is to keep young children entertained and safe during lockdown, and we don’t want to close our playgrounds.

Please be sensible

We’re calling on people to be sensible, don’t congregate, only use our playgrounds for a short period of time, and only when they’re quiet.

Please also try to avoid the busiest times which are mid-afternoon and at the weekends.

We’re also asking anyone who uses a playground to carry out the following measures to ensure everyone is safe:

  • only use if they are not already crowded
  • sanitise your hands and your children’s hands before and after using play equipment
  • maintain two metres social distancing at all times, and,
  • limit the time spent in the playground

We also want to remind people not to go to a playground if they or their children feel unwell.

We want our playgrounds to stay open

Council leader Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty said: “We really don’t want to close our playgrounds, but our concern is that as the new strain of the pandemic is spreading at a worrying speed, they’re becoming unsafe.

“This is because too many people of all ages are using them to congregate and socialise.

“I understand how hard it is for parents to keep their children entertained and safe during these difficult times, and that it’s vital that we all follow guidance and do not meet other households indoors.

“But if the number of people gathering together in the play areas remains high, we will have to consider closing them to save lives and protect people’s health.”

The council runs 55 playgrounds throughout the city, and most are used frequently during normal times.

Make use of all available space

Councillor Mac Cafferty added: “We can only leave the house for the reasons permitted. We’d like to encourage people to make use of the available space near their homes.

“Staying for long periods at the playground can mean large numbers are gathering, so we would ask parents of younger children to also make use of all available space in parks for play where this is possible.

“I know it can be incredibly difficult at the moment, so we’re also focusing on promoting great activities for people of all ages to get involved in to stay fit and healthy, without the need to use and gather in large numbers at particular spots.

Please remember to social distance

“We’re keen to remind people of the importance of social distancing in areas of high footfall like our seafront, where we are refreshing our signage, and reaching out to businesses to help share the message about how we prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“There are lots of interesting walks and trails within the city that may be of interest, and that can all be done safely and following social distancing measures.

“There’s also our Active 60 Home Challenge with ideas on spending 60 minutes on keeping fit, and our advice on how young people can stay active has links to many other ideas.”

Wonderful city walks to download

We also have a fantastic information about walks and trails to follow on your smartphone where you can find the routes to seven different walks in the city.

They include the Brighton Movie Walk; A Flavour of the Lanes; Stanmer Park Healthwalk and the Sculpture Walk.

There are also countryside walks and trail guides for each part of the city that can be downloaded to smartphones.

Councillor Mac Cafferty said: “We’d love you to take pictures of new discoveries on your walks. Share them on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

“There are so many hidden treasures, amazing facts, beautiful buildings and interesting signs throughout the city.

“Above all, we want everyone to stay safe and remember the guidelines: hands, face, space.”

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