Parking changes being introduced from 10 May

From Monday 10 May, we’re making changes to our on-street paid parking and council-run car parking charges and operating times.

The changes, which were agreed at the council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee in January, will mean it will cost more to park in many areas of the city and a small number will have parking operating times extended. 

Why are we making the changes?

We’re working hard to improve air quality in the city, encourage more active and sustainable travel, and reach our goal of being a carbon neutral city by 2030. 

Congestion also impacts on things like journey times while long term parking can reduce accessibility of spaces. Higher turnover of spaces also helps to support our local businesses.

Parking charges can also help to increase turnover of parking spaces and encourage people to switch to alternative transport choices, such as buses, trains, taxis or the city’s Bike Share scheme.

Where does the money go?

Any surplus generated by the city’s parking charges, after direct costs, is invested back into the local transport network. 

This includes paying for concessionary bus passes for older and disabled people, subsidising some less popular bus routes, some environmental improvements and producing and implementing the council’s Local Transport Plan.

You can find more information about how the surplus is spent in our parking annual reports.

What are the changes from 10 May?

•    Parking charges at our four main car parks, Trafalgar Street, The Lanes, Regency Square and London Road will be increasing by an average of 15%
•    Parking charges at other council run car parks will be increasing by an average of 10%
•    Increase the hours of the King Alfred and Black Rock Car parks from finishing at 6pm to 8pm to make them consistent with on-street hours of restriction.
•    On street and seafront on-street paid parking machines on Low, Medium and High tariffs will increase by an average of 9.5%
•    Increase the small amount of 9am-6pm parking to 9am-8pm so there is consistency across the city

Tariff information on parking machines showing the new charges is being displayed from this week, however the tariff increases will not take effect until 10 May

More information about the changes can be found on our parking pages.

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