Make beach and sea safety a priority to help lifeguards 

Brighton & Hove’s seasonal lifeguards will be in service from this Saturday, 29 May for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Lifeguards patrol the city’s beaches from the end of May until the end of the school holidays in September.

On Saturday, there will be four main lifeguard posts on the beach at the following locations:

  • Hove (opposite King Alfred)
  • Central Hove lawns (bottom of Grand Avenue)
  • Central Brighton (opposite the seafront office)
  • East side of the Palace Pier (Madeira Drive)

The stations will have new lifeguard lookout towers which provide greater visibility for the team.

Sea and beach safety

Please help us maintain a safe and enjoyable seafront by taking extra care if you are swimming in the sea. 

The sea temperature is still a couple of degrees lower than normal for this time of year, so while the air temperature may be warm, the water is still very cold.

Please keep an eye on children near the water’s edge and keep pets on leads and away from the shoreline.

There is additional information about seaside safety on the RNLI’s website.

The seafront team also post safety messages from their BHSeafrontTeam social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

If you are heading to the beach, please observe the government’s social distancing requirements and enjoy the beach responsibly. That includes disposing of litter in the appropriate bins provided.

The team is also keen to remind people to swim within the areas patrolled by the lifeguards. These are clearly marked with red and yellow flags.

Don’t drink and go in the water

Brighton & Hove City Council’s seafront team is also calling on residents and visitors to avoid swimming if they have consumed alcohol.

It is never safe to go into the sea after drinking alcohol. Even a small amount can speed up the onset of hypothermia.

Drinking reduces your capabilities and perceptions. You may also think you are a better swimmer than your true ability and take unnecessary risks.

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