Keeping the city moving during the pandemic

With cases of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 increasing across the UK, we are working to make sure that plans are in place to keep the city moving during this phase of the pandemic.

We recognise there is a possibility that with an increase in cases, this could impact on transport services in the city.

Meetings will be taking place with Brighton & Hove Buses to discuss contingency plans, should driver absences mean certain routes need to be prioritised, for example those serving schools, hospitals and vaccination sites.

We have ensured there are enough gritters and drivers available so that key routes will be gritted during cold weather, including those routes leading to hospitals, testing centres and vaccination sites.

We also have more salt than was needed last year, with extra available should it be needed.

Throughout, we will be ensuring that we are sharing relevant information on our social media channels and important information from partner organisations when needed. 

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