Explore the city’s history with new cycle map

There’s a new way to explore Brighton & Hove’s history and culture thanks to a new addition to a city cycle map.

An ‘excursions’ layer has been added to the Brighton & Hove cycle map which shows the locations of more than 150 commemorative plaques. They have even been split into five different categories:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Civic, Political and Military
  • Foundation and Development of the resort
  • Science and Industry 
  • Sport

They stretch as far east as the Rudyard Kipling (writer and Nobel Prize winner) plaque in Rottingdean, as far west as the Margaret Powell (writer, TV and radio presenter) plaque on Old Shoreham Road and as far north as the Brian Havergall (composer) plaque in Moulsecoomb. 

The new map layer coincides with the unveiling this week of a plaque in honour of Rabindranath Tagore, Indian Polymath author and Nobel Laureate from Bengal at Hotel du Vin in Ship Street.

The map allows you to filter each category and plan your route, meaning you can cycle your way through the history of Brighton & Hove however you’d like. Its Wayfinder can be used to find the quietest or quickest route and will even tell you how many calories you’ve burnt and how much CO2 you’ve saved. 

Co-Chair of the council’s Tourism, Equalities, Communities & Culture committee, Martin Osborne said: “This is a wonderful new feature for the Brighton & Hove Cycle map and really allows everyone to explore the city’s history.

“Many of us walk by these places of interest every day without realising their significance and the influence people have had on our lives and culture.

“Visiting these sites by bike is perfect because you can cover a lot of ground between each site and gives you time to take in the surroundings without having to hold up traffic or find somewhere to park.”

How to use the map

  • Go to the Brighton & Hove cycle map.
  • Click the 'Customise' tab in the top right corner.
  • Select the features you want your map to show from the menu of options. You can select the type of route you want to cycle, what you’d like to find on route, including landmarks, cycle parking, light controlled crossings and even cycle retail and repair places.
  • To switch on the feature you want, click on the text describing it. The text will then be highlighted to show the feature is included in your map.
  • When you have chosen your options, zoom in on the area you want to see. Tap and pinch for mobile/ tablet or use plus/minus in desktop.
  • Click the printer icon in the 'Customise' menu to show your own print version including map key.
  • Add a title and any other notes you want.
  • Save it as a pdf for future use and/ or send it to your printer.

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