Don’t put off getting your jab, urges Director of Public Health

Director of Public Health, Alistair Hill, is making a direct appeal to every adult in Brighton & Hove who has not yet been vaccinated to get their first jab without further delay.

He said:

“Rates of Covid-19 infection in our city went up again this week and they remain much too high for comfort. Added to that, we still have very high numbers of unvaccinated adults in our community.

“This week we learned the great news that nine in ten of the UK adult population have had their first jab and three in four are fully vaccinated after having both doses. But here in Brighton & Hove we’ve got some catching up to do.

“So far, only three in every four adults in Brighton & Hove has had their first vaccine dose. Take-up is especially low among 25 to 34 year olds. Data from the NHS shows that only just six in ten people in those age groups have started to get vaccinated

“With Covid circulating so widely among us we really must protect ourselves and each other.

“It’’s important that everyone takes up the vaccine offer, especially because so many more of us are mixing socially again in our homes and venues across the city.  

“As a city we all need to consider the vulnerable people in our community who are most at risk of becoming very severely ill if they catch the virus. 

“Vaccines really are the best protection against Covid-19.

“There is plenty of vaccine supply in Brighton & Hove and you don’t need to wait for one of the walk-in vaccination buses to come to your area.

"Pre-booked appointments are available every day at The Brighton Centre through the NHS national vaccination booking service and by calling 0300 303 8060 for appointments at Brighton Race Course as well as other places around the city. Details of all the local mobile and pop-up vaccination clinics can be found on the Sussex Health and Care and NHS walk-in vaccinations websites.

“When you get vaccinated you don’t just protect yourself, you protect everyone else around you from this dangerous virus.”

In the seven days up to 06 August the number of confirmed new Covid-19 cases in Brighton & Hove rose by 21% to 1375 (from 1135 in the previous week). That's a rate per hundred thousand of the population of 471 which is higher than the England rate of 296.6 and the South East rate of 253.3 per hundred thousand.

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