Cycle lane enforcement will keep our city moving

We will be taking action from September to reduce the number of people parking illegally in some of the city’s cycle lanes. 

New legislation came into force last June which means we can now use cameras as evidence to issue Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) by post to people who park in cycle lanes where there are currently restrictions on parking or loading. Currently, these will include:

  • Church Street
  • London Road 
  • Lewes Road 
  • Preston Road 
  • West Street

It is important that the city’s cycle lanes are free for people cycling to use, but sometimes cyclists can find them obstructed by people who have parked inconsiderately. 

People who park in the lanes are given a short grace period to allow for pick-ups and drop offs only. 

We will be sending warning letters from September to anyone caught on camera parking illegally in these locations. From October, a PCN will be issued. The PCN charge is £70 or £35 if paid within the first 14 days.

Following this, we will be looking at introducing the enforcement criteria at more sites across Brighton & Hove.

"a road with a painted cycle lane and a painted picture of a bicycle"      

(above) West Street cycle lane


Regulations in the Traffic Management Act 2004 give limited powers to local authorities in England to issue PCNs using camera enforcement when vehicles are parked illegally in places such as bus stops and school zigzag areas and for driving in bus lanes.

In June 2020, these powers were extended to allow enforcement by camera to people who park in a cycle lane where there are restrictions on parking or loading.

Although it is illegal to park in a cycle lane, camera enforcement can only take place where there are also single or double yellow lines in operation or a loading restriction is in force, indicated by single or double yellow kerb marks.

Bus stop enforcement to be expanded

As well as the new enforcement of some cycle lanes, we are also expanding our enforcement of illegal parking in city bus stops.

At the moment, cameras currently enforce illegal parking at a number of central bus stops in Brighton & Hove. From September, this is increasing to bus stops citywide with PCNs being issued to vehicles seen parked in a bus stop.

Motorists will again be given a short grace period to allow for pick-ups and drop offs only. 

Where does the money go?

Any surplus generated by parking fees and charges must be spent on provision of public transport services or to road, air quality or environmental improvements

We use our surplus to provide concessionary bus passes for older and disabled people, subsidising bus routes, road safety and transport improvement projects.

You can also watch a video which explains what we do with our parking income and surplus.

Clear and safe cycle lanes

Chair of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee Amy Heley said: “I know from my experience of using our cycle lanes and public transport how frustrating it can be when the routes are blocked by illegally parked motor vehicles.”

“This new legislation will help us to keep cycle lanes clear and safe for those that use them. It will also mean smoother passage for those that do use a car around the city. 

“We are committed to providing safe routes for people to travel either by using active travel routes or by using public transport.”

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