Collective action to manage the safe re-opening of events 

A city-wide group which includes the council, emergency services and public health partners is preparing for events to return to Brighton & Hove in line with the government’s roadmap out of lockdown.

Event organisers in the city have a strong track record for managing events safely and have been working with the council to plan for a limited number of events from 17 May with physical distancing, limited capacity and support for NHS Test and Trace.

The government’s roadmap will be used as a basis for granting permission for events on council land in 2021.

Managing events safely

All events will be organised in accordance with Covid safety guidance and are subject to change as they will follow guidelines in place at the time. 

Emergency services and council officers scrutinise and assess the safety of events through the Safety Advisory Group which now has a special focus on Covid.

Organisers have to submit a Covid safe event management plan and do a Covid risk assessment before their event can be assessed.

Council leader Phélim Mac Cafferty said: “We will be working with many partners in the city to support the gradual return of events, following the pace of the national roadmap out of lockdown. I welcome the positive approach being taken by events organisers and the willingness to adapt and make sure that protecting health and preventing the spread of the virus is the number one consideration.

“We are not out of the pandemic and our focus remains on how we re-open the city in a safe and managed way – to support our tourism, events and hospitality industry but also keep residents and visitors protected from new infection.

“As events take place it will be up to participants, performers, audiences and spectators to behave responsibly. To keep the pressure off the NHS and to prevent a further shutdown of our economy, we must all continue the Covid-safe practices learned during lockdown and follow the government guidelines.”

Following the government's roadmap

According to the government’s roadmap out of lockdown, from 17 May outdoor seated venues could open for performances and indoor events under specific conditions.

From 21 June to the end of the year further restrictions are due to be lifted and larger indoor and outdoor events could take place.

A report to a special Policy & Resources Recovery Sub-Committee on 29 March sets out how the council is taking a partnership approach with partners and working with events’ organisers to prepare for the safe return of events and audiences.

More information

Read the report (agenda item 48) to the special Policy & Resources Recovery Sub-Committee and watch the meeting live.

See our reopening guidance for events and entertainment venues.

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