City playground’s fun-filled £100,000 upgrade

We’ve started a fantastic £100,000 refurbishment of Preston Park play area which we’re sure will delight both younger and older children.

The work will include the installation of a new fun-filled fully connected adventure climbing trail that leads to two long slides down a hilly embankment.

There will also be new steps up and down the embankment to a ‘snakes and ladders’ castle, plus 30 challenges to get there. 

Also included are an exciting new pendulum swing and carousel, plus new surfaces and an extended path through the area.

Old favourites like the swings, toddler huts, roundabout and picnic zone will remain to complete the enjoyment.

Old equipment needed replacing

The work is to repair and replace equipment that was past its end of life and in need of replacement.

Consultations which took place at the park last year showed playground users wanted to see equipment for older children that allowed them to climb the hill as an adventure trail.

We also consulted with Friends of Preston Park and shared the images and plans with them.

'Grateful we were consulted'

Chairperson Carol Cole said: “Friends of Preston Park are very grateful that we were consulted by the officers of City Parks regarding the proposals for the new play equipment in Preston Park. 

“It has enabled us in turn to consult our 600 members about what they would like to see for their children in the future. 

“We had many supportive comments, and we look forward to supporting and working with City Parks with more ideas to cater for very young children”. 

Carol added: “We’re delighted to see the imaginative and exciting new equipment being installed now and are sure the local community will be delighted when the newly refurbished play areas are finished and ready to use.”

Closure of park will be worth the wait 

The refurb is due to take another four weeks to complete and unfortunately we’ve had to close the whole play area while the work is carried out - but we’re confident the wait will be worth it.

We also decided to begin the upgrade now as it’s after half term and will be completed long before the Christmas school holidays.

The work follows on from the completion of the £100,000 Blakers Park play area refurbishment last month. 

Councillor Amy Heley, chair of the council’s environment, transport and sustainability committee, said: “The refurbishment of Preston Park play area is really exciting and will mean children of all ages and abilities being able to enjoy the playground for many years to come.”

45 playgrounds to be updated in three years

Cllr Heley, who also represents Preston Park as a ward councillor, added: “The refurbishment is part of our plans to upgrade 45 play areas over the next three years, with 25 sites being finished by the end of next March. 

“Not only will the equipment on the 45 sites be newer and better, it will also be safer and far more accessible for all children.”

The work at the park is being carried out by leading worldwide playground equipment manufacturer Kompan. 

The company designs, manufactures and installs more than 1,000 playgrounds or fitness sites every month across 90 countries.