Candidates for the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner election confirmed

The candidates for the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner election on Thursday 6 May 2021 have been confirmed.

The candidates are:

Jamie Frank Bennett (Liberal Democrats)
Kahina Suzanna Bouhassane (Green Party)
Katy Elizabeth Bourne (Conservative)
Paul Adrian Richards (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Roy Thomas Williams (Independent)

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At the election you can vote for a first and second preference of who you want to win.

From 15 April, you will be able to find more information on the candidates, including their aims and proposals, by visiting the Choose My PCC website.

Register to vote by 19 April 

You need to be registered to be able to vote.

If you’re not already registered, or you’ve recently moved, go to

Think about the best voting option for you

Polling stations will be safe places to vote in May, but there are other ways to vote. 

If you'd rather not go to a polling station, or you won't be able to get to one on the day, you can apply for a postal or proxy vote.

Apply early to vote by post

If you want to vote by post, apply early so your postal vote can be sent to you more quickly. 

You must apply for a postal vote by 20 April at the latest. 

Vote by proxy

You can also ask someone you trust to vote on your behalf. This is known as a proxy vote.

You should apply for a proxy vote by 27 April.

Find out more

Police & Crime Commissioners are usually elected every four years. Brighton & Hove City Council is conducting the 2021 election for the Sussex police area. For further information about the role of the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner go to the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner website

Find out more about the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner election, including the key dates. The page will be updated with new information as it becomes available. 



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