Bus it for BetterPoints and sign up to our ‘Move for Change’ challenge

Residents and commuters across Brighton & Hove and beyond are being given more opportunities to earn rewards for sustainable travel around the city.

Throughout June, people who have signed up for our ‘Move for Change’ challenge via the BetterPoints app can earn extra points and rewards for traveling by bus.

With travel restrictions easing, more of us are again able to travel on public transport. Brighton & Hove Buses, Metrobus and The Big Lemon also carry out regular cleaning to make sure we can move safely from place to place.

From 1st June you can earn one BetterPoint per minute (up to 60 minutes per day) for bus journeys within Brighton & Hove and further afield. 

You can earn points for bus travel that starts or ends as far as Haywards Heath to the north, Worthing to the west and Eastbourne to the east, not just within the city limits.

What is the ‘Move for Change’ challenge?

‘Move for Change’, powered by the BetterPoints app, launched in February to encourage and reward residents and employees for walking, cycling, and using public transport.

By signing up to the Move for Change challenge, you can collect points which can then be exchanged for discounts and vouchers at local shops.

Since launching in February:
•    More than 700 people have joined the challenge.
•    Together, they have travelled more than 91,000 miles
•    Walking has accounted for more than 40,000 miles

Chair of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee, Amy Heley said: “It’s been a great start to the city’s ‘Move for Change’ challenge with more than 700 people already signed up, but we’d love to see more.

“One of the recommendations from last year’s Climate Assembly was that we incentivise people to travel actively and sustainably and BetterPoints does just that. We have an excellent network of buses in Brighton & Hove and it’s a great way of getting around the city.

“We’re facing a climate emergency and we all need to what we can to change the way we travel , so why not earn rewards, local discounts, or even donate to local charities while you’re doing it?”

More information

The Move for Change initiative is funded through government grant funding from the Access Fund for Sustainable Travel and the Active Travel Fund which the council successfully bid for through the Department for Transport.

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