Apply now for Communities Fund 2021-22

Applications for our Communities Fund 2021-22 are now open.

The Communities Fund is a council grants scheme, set up to support local community groups, voluntary organisations, and not-for-profit social enterprise. 

It is an open, accessible fund that is flexible and responsive to the city’s changing needs around the climate, poverty and inequality. 

Bids are invited for work addressing any one of the key outcomes in the city:

  • Improving wellbeing 
  • Building cohesion 
  • Promoting fairness 

The funding streams

Grants are set up under three funding streams. 

  • The Engagement Fund awards up to £2,000 and is open to smaller organisations with incomes up to £20,000 a year. The Engagement Fund supports groups to engage and empower local people, communities or neighbourhoods in the city.
  • The Resilience Fund has awards up to £10,000 and is open to applicants with incomes of up to £100,000 a year. The Resilience Fund aims to support groups already working with local people and communities.
  • The Collaboration Fund supports the role of local community groups, voluntary organisations and not-for-profit social enterprise to form operational and strategic partnerships to support the city's most vulnerable residents. 

Application deadlines

Applications for the Engagement Fund and Resilience Fund are in three rounds, with first bids for full year costs and early start projects needing to be submitted by 30 April.  

Applications for the Collaboration Fund are made by submitting a simple expression of interest form and can be made any time between April 2021 and March 2022.

For further details of the scheme, including how to apply, visit our Communities Fund webpage.