Age 18-29? Have you been to get a symptom-free test yet?

With Covid cases rising fastest in younger people in Brighton & Hove we’re asking everyone aged 18 to 29 to take an additional symptom-free test while they’re out and about.

Two symptom-free walk-in PCR mobile testing units are now available every day at the Peace Statue and Jubilee Square. They are part of enhanced support activity in the city to slow down the rate of infection, allowing time for more people to get both vaccinations.

Councillor Hannah Clare, deputy leader and chair of the council's children, young people and skills committee is asking all 18-29 years old to go and get tested. She got tested at one of the symptom-free PCR test sites a few days ago. She said:

“As a young councillor, many of my friends and peers are not yet vaccinated, or have only received one dose. This means we are more vulnerable to the pandemic. Many of the cases we have in the city are among young people who work in hospitality or retail, putting us more at risk.

“So while the Government are telling the country that it is safe to remove restrictions, that is not the case in Brighton & Hove. To continue to protect each other, we must keep wearing masks, giving space, keeping spaces well ventilated and washing our hands as we have over the last 18 months.

“For people aged between 18 and 29 years of age, we are also encouraging you to get tested, even if you don’t have symptoms. We’ve made that really simple to do – just by visiting the mobile testing units at Jubilee Square and the Peace Statue.

“It takes five minutes; and you will be guided through the process.

“I visited the testing unit at the Peace Statue on Sunday and found it really easy. Once you’ve had your test, you don’t need to self-isolate (unless you get a positive result), and in my experience, the results come back really quickly.

“Keeping to the guidelines of wearing masks and keeping space is about how we protect each other and show how we care about others in the city. Let’s keep doing our bit so we can enjoy the freedoms we once had much sooner and keep everyone in our city safe and well.”

Get a symptom-free Covid test to protect others

Everyone should continue to take twice weekly symptom-free LFD tests at home.

If you’re aged 18-29 you should drop in and test while you’re out and about at:

Why you need to test

Cases are rising fastest in younger people.

We know the vaccine is working well against the virus, but many in this group are not fully vaccinated yet. There are still vulnerable people who could become very unwell if they get Covid.

One in three people have Covid without realising. Symptom-free PCR testing will accurately find these cases so anyone with the virus can self-isolate and stop the spread.

Please don't get a test if:

  • you have tested positive for Covid in the last 90 days
  • you have any symptoms of Covid-19 – even mild. Please self-isolate and book a symptomatic test.

How the test works

You’ll take a swab of your nose and throat which will be sent away to be processed in a lab. You’ll get your results by text or email in a couple of days.

Getting a positive result

Don’t worry, if you test positive there’s financial help available if you will lose your pay by having to self-isolate, as well as practical or wellbeing support.

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