1000 people join our 'Move for Change' challenge - why not join them?

More than a thousand people have now signed up to a challenge designed to get more people in the city travelling actively and sustainably.

The ‘Move for Change’ challenge, powered by the BetterPoints app, was launched at the beginning of February to encourage residents and commuters to travel by foot, bike, or public transport. With each journey you can earn points which can be exchanged for discounts at local shops

You can also donate points to local charities and collect ‘tickets’ for regular prize draws.

Points can be earned for bus travel that starts or ends as far as Haywards Heath to the north, Worthing to the west and Eastbourne to the east, not just within the city limits.

Since the challenge was launched, users have travelled more than 131,000 miles, with 54,000 of those miles being done by people walking and 26,000 miles by bike.

They include Laura, a University student who was chosen as the ‘Most Active Walker’ prize winner, part of a National Walking Month challenge. 

More information

The Move for Change initiative is funded through government grant funding from the Access Fund for Sustainable Travel and the Active Travel Fun,d which the council successfully bid for through the Department for Transport.

Find out more on our One Journey Better webpage

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