Tips for a Covid-safe Halloween

Much as we all love dressing up at Halloween, we’re asking you not to go trick or treating this year. Now is not a time to take risks with your health because everything we do affects all the people we meet and live with.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy Halloween at home and stay Covid safe, here are some ideas to get you started.

Have a family fright night with a spooky movie 

For a night of fiendish family fun, settle in with a Halloween themed movie – there are so many to choose from. Get into the spirit by dressing up in your ghoulish glad-rags, switch off the lights and tuck into some scary snacks like this Halloween Slime Popcorn

Cook up a fiendish feast

Nothing says Halloween like a pumpkin lantern. But don’t waste the entrails when you carve your masterpiece. Chuck the bits in a cauldron and bubble up a batch of pumpkin soup.

The seeds are good eating too. Roast them in the oven for a tasty treat. Pumpkins are packed full of immune boosting vitamins A and C which help keep germs and bugs away.

Just make sure little (and big) hands are thoroughly washed before you start carving out the insides!

Still want to risk it?

If you do decide to go trick or treating despite the risks, please take extra care. Do not gather in groups on the pavement and in doorways or mix with other groups of trick or treaters.

Stay in your household bubble of no more than six witches, wizards or ghosts at a time. And keep up social distancing - that’s two witch brooms or six wands between you.

Tempting as they are, do not dip into shared tubs of sweet treats. You never know how many sticky fingers have been in there or if they washed their hands first. You don’t want to pick up a horror-filled Covid surprise.

Don’t leave the house if you have any of the Covid symptoms. You must self-isolate immediately and book a test.

Socialising Covid-19 style

If you choose to celebrate Halloween with friends remember the rule of six and limit how many different households you mix with.

Seeing lots of people from different households in a short period of time will increase your risk of catching and spreading the virus.  

You don’t want your Halloween 2020 memories to be a 14-day self-isolation hangover for you and anyone you had contact with on the night.

If you can get together outdoors, all the better. As always, maintain physical distancing at all times and wear a face covering in busy places. If you’re doing fancy dress this year have fun with it, paint some fangs on that mask.

Remember, not more than six of you can meet and you’ll need to head home by 10pm when the pubs and bars close.

This is the current advice while Brighton & Hove remains in the Medium Covid alert tier and may be subject to change. 

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