Supporting the most vulnerable people in our community

This is not an easy experience for anyone to be going through, but it’s particularly tough on our most vulnerable residents who are having to isolate and distance themselves from the often already limited networks they have. 

Many will already have help from family, friends, carers or neighbours. But there are others that do not, and these are the people we need to make sure we reach so that they can get the support they may urgently need – even if it’s just someone to talk to.

We are working with the local NHS, the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, Together Co and other partners to make sure we give residents the right advice and support for their situation.

Community advice and support hub

More than 3000 people in the city have either been identified by their GPs as being clinically extremely vulnerable (or shielded) or have requested additional support from the government.

We are reaching out to all these residents to ask what help they need. This could be additional help with shopping or collecting medicines, emergency foodbank referrals or support to keep active and well or reduce loneliness.

Any vulnerable residents with no other support can also contact the council directly if they need help, or someone else can contact us on their behalf

Reaching the right services

The COVID-19 community advice and support hub is responding directly to the needs arising from this unprecedented event. It is meant to ensure the most vulnerable people get the vital and urgent help they need at this time.

Most existing local services are still open, albeit with some changes to capacity, opening hours or the way the service is provided. If you need support from them, please contact them in the usual way.

And if you are already in contact with a service you should continue to contact them directly. They know you best and can put you in touch with the right support. 

Most extremely vulnerable people in the city are known to the council, NHS or other local services and are already being supported. Throughout this unsettling time our priority is to continue to protect them.

If you think you, or someone you know, many need some extra support please get in touch as soon as you can.

Councillor Nancy Platts
Leader of the Council

Get additional COVID-19 related support from the community advice and support hub

If you, or someone you know needs support to get essential supplies like food or medication and you don't have family, friends or a support/care worker to help you, go to: and fill in the form with details of the help you need.

If you have no way of getting online and no one to help you, you can call 01273 293117, and press option 2 (please only call if you have no other option, leaving the phone lines free for those who really need it).

If you need information about changes to existing council services because of the COVID-19 situation, such as Parking, Bus Passes, Council Tax payments, or Business Rates, please search for the relevant service on the council website, or visit: (please use the online forms to contact the service wherever you can as phone lines will be busy).  

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