Support for homeless and people sleeping rough

Our services continued working over the Easter weekend to make sure no-one needs to be sleeping on the streets during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We’ve now helped more than 170 people who had been sleeping rough into safe accommodation. 

We also provided emergency accommodation for people who came to our emergency homeless team over the weekend to make sure they had somewhere safe to stay.

I’d like to thank all the volunteers working with us and our partners who managed to deliver more than 600 meals a day to the people we’ve been accommodating over the Easter weekend. 

That’s breakfast, lunch and a hot meal in the evening. It’s been a truly amazing response. 

Volunteers are also continuing to give out food and water to people still on the streets. 

Our outreach service St Mungo’s are continuing to contact anyone sleeping rough and move them into the safe accommodation.

If you see anyone you think might be sleeping rough or begging, please let our street outreach service know by emailing and we’ll help get them the support they need.

We’ve set up the accommodation to make sure we have separate buildings to stay for anyone with symptoms and for the people at the highest risk.

St Mungo’s are working with Arch Healthcare to make sure everyone is checked for symptoms before allocating them an appropriate place to stay. 

All our accommodation is being staffed 24 hours a day to make sure everyone there can access the support they need. 

Councillor Gill Williams
Chair of Housing

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