Statement of solidarity supporting Polish LGBTQ+ communities 

A joint message from the three main parties' equalities spokespersons of Brighton & Hove City Council: 

  • Councillor Steph Powell, Lead for Equalities for the Green administration
  • Councillor Amanda Evans, Lead for Equalities for the Labour opposition 
  • Councillor Dee Simson, Lead for Equalities for the Conservative Group

Poland is experiencing an increase in politically driven anti-LGBTQ+ aggression.

LGBTQ+ people in Poland are targeted as scapegoats, arrested & beaten up and when trying to report it the police refuse to take statements. 

Television and government media are against LGBTQ+ communities, encouraging hate and provoking violence.  

Cities have been declared ‘LGBT-free zones’. Hate directed at trans communities is rampant in both media, police and government services. 

We condemn this, there are well researched links between hate speech and violence. One leads to the other. 

We call on the Polish government to stop their criticism and persecution of LGBTQ+ communities. We call on the Polish government to reflect on the damage being done to their own communities, individuals and families victimised by these increasingly extremist narratives simply for being themselves and who they love. 

Many local LGBTQ+ people are Polish. We express our full solidarity with you. We are steadfast in our solidarity with our local and all other LGBTQ+ communities.  

We are proud of Brighton & Hove’s long tradition of being an open, welcoming LGBTQ+ city and of our international reputation for being so. 

We send a message of unconditional love to all LGBTQ+ Polish people and to communities in Poland and we urge all Polish leaders at all levels of state; national, regional and locally to respect and protect the rights of their LGBTQ+ citizens.

A march of solidarity is planned for this weekend and the organisers have been working with the Police to make sure the event is well managed. Information on staying Covid safe while protesting is available on our website