Seafront Basketball Court gets facelift as part of #NeverNormalBrighton campaign

Our Seafront Office have teamed up with VisitBrighton to give the Seafront Basketball court a well needed sprucing up.

In line with the conclusion of the 2020 National Basketball Association championship last week, it was thought that basketball fans and players in Brighton & Hove should be able to strut their stuff in style.

The court surface was repaired and repainted with splashes of purple and magenta, the colours used for the Never Normal campaign, and the backboards will also sport VisitBrighton logos after being replaced.

These improvements will not only improve the facilities for players but will hopefully give this much loved facility a new lease of life.

A refreshed look

Councillor Marianna Ebel, joint chair of the Tourism, Equalities, Communities & Culture Committee said: “It’s great to see the Seafront Basketball court getting a refreshed look and I’d like to thank both the Seafront Office and VisitBrighton for making this happen.

“I know how passionate some of the players are, so I’m really happy we’ve been able to add a splash of colour while improve the playing surface and new backboards are on their way.

"There are so many different options in Brighton & Hove to play sport and keep active, and I hope the new and improved basketball court will encourage those who haven't done so before to give basketball a go!"

Never Normal

In the summer, as we all started to come out lockdown, there was an emphasis on what the new normal may look like. However normal is not a word often associated with Brighton & Hove.

We are a city that is known for our digital economy, year-round events and as a home to free thinkers, artists, entrepreneurs, eccentrics and entertainers. We couldn’t do normal if we tried.

The rebranding of the basketball court is the newest in a long list of activities that make up the Never Normal campaign by VisitBrighton. With banners and artwork found on the Brighton Centre and Sea Lanes, to posters and billboards across all of Sussex, the campaign can be seen dotted around the whole of the South East.

VisitBrighton have set up a Never Normal blog to highlight some of the quirkiest events and activities you can experience in the city, so you can keep track of everything they find, from the wacky to the simply outrageous.

​If you want to get involved in the conversation on social media look for #NeverNormalBrighton

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