Please think twice about fires - indoors or outdoors!

Brighton & Hove City Council is asking residents to think twice before using wood burning stoves and open fires, or lighting bonfires during the Coronavirus crisis.

The chair of the council's environment committe, Councillor Anne Pissaridou, said: “At a time when millions of people are being forced to stay at home, more people than ever are using their gardens for fresh air and exercise.

“And with the weather starting to improve people with and without gardens are opening their windows to get some welcome fresh air into their homes.

“I just think that most of our residents would rather not have a bonfire going on near to them in the current situation, and would rather not have to breathe in unnecessary smoke if they don't have to.

“We also need to be mindful that Coronavirus is a respiratory disease. A lot of people have concerns that the extra smoke generated by wood burners, log fires and bonfires may be making things worse for people who already have health problems.

“So during this time of national crisis we're just saying please think of others and try to avoid making things worse for them.”