Please take extra care by the sea this holiday weekend

The seasonal lifeguard service for Brighton & Hove will start a little later this year and there will be no provision in place for the upcoming May bank holiday weekend.

Lifeguards normally patrol the city’s beaches from the end of May until the end of the school holidays in September. However, the Covid-19 pandemic and social-distancing restrictions interrupted our usual recruitment drive for lifeguards.

We are hoping to have a limited lifeguard service in place in the near future and we’ll announce any arrangements as soon as they are approved and in place.

Please check for our lifeguards page for updates and safety advice.

Exercise extreme care

Meanwhile, however enticing our wonderful shoreline might be, we would strongly urge anyone who takes a swim to exercise extreme care. The current is strong and the water is not as warm as it looks.

Please keep an eye on children near the water’s edge and keep pets on leads and away from the shoreline.

Your cooperation will help reduce the risk of putting extra strain on our emergency services at this difficult time.

If you are heading to the beach, please observe the government’s social distancing requirements and enjoy the beach responsibly. That includes disposing of litter in the appropriate bins provided.

There is additional information about seaside safety on the RNLI’s website.

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