Parental conflict or relationship difficulties – help is available

Are you having relationship problems with your current or ex-partner?

A new advice section about parent relationships is now available on Brighton & Hove City Council’s website:

It helps you understand:

  • how you can go about improving the relationship
  • what to do if considering separation
  • the courses and programmes available to help
  • what support you can access if you feel you are in an abusive relationship.

The council has also partnered with relationships experts OnePlusOne to develop ‘Getting on Better’ cards.

These are designed to help you think about your relationship in a new way, and identify ways to make it better by improving your communication and reducing conflict.

There are six cards for couples and two for separated parents. They are available as either online versions, or as postcards which can be posted to your home address.

The council’s parental relationships coordinator, Stephen Woodward, said: “Conflict is a normal part of any parent relationship.

“It only starts to become a problem when it is frequent, intense and not resolved well. Parental conflict can also be harmful to children and affect their mental health, behaviour and success at school.

“We’re really aware that the Coronavirus crisis has put extra strain on many relationships.

“Our new information webpages are for all parents – whether they are still together, separated or considering separation – who want to find ways to improve their relationship and get on better.”

The webpages also have information, training opportunities and resources for professionals across the city who are helping parents to reduce conflict.