Ongoing support for rough sleepers

We’re working with our outreach service, St Mungo’s, to provide toiletries and essentials for homeless people who are staying in hotel rooms during the pandemic. We are also making sure those who have not yet agreed to come inside have access to basic supplies while we’re working to bring them off the streets.

Essential supplies

Essentials such as shampoo, soap bars and deodorant have been particularly appreciated. At present, items have been given out on a needs basis. The team is now working on preparing packages which will be distributed to 200 people each week. The weekly supplies include shampoo, deodorant, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste. Women’s packs also include sanitary products.

Donations welcome

We’re working on expanding the offer in the weeks ahead to include hair conditioner, make-up, after shave and moisturiser. Donations are welcome. Items need to be new, unopened and within their use by date.

Contributions can be left at St Patrick’s Church side entrance, 1 Cambridge Road, Hove, between 3pm and 4pm, Monday to Friday. Please be careful to observe social distancing while dropping off items and aim to do so when on a planned essential trip out. If this is not practical for you or you would like to make a large donation please email the with more information and to discuss options.

Thank you

Councillorr Gill Williams, chair of housing committee, said: “There has been a hugely generous response from individuals, businesses and organisations across the city. We’d like to say a heartfelt thank you for all the donations which have been very much appreciated. This makes such a big difference to people with so little of their own and can help restore feelings of dignity and self-worth. Thank you to everyone for reaching out and showing such kindness.”

We’re also looking at making people’s stay as comfortable as possible while they follow the government’s stay at home guidelines. We’ve been working with organisations across the city to seek donations of devices such as internet enabled tablets, televisions, games consoles and radios. If you can donate an item, please email and a collection will be arranged from you to the St Mungo's team.

All those in need are also being provided with meals through the day.

Local connection

The accommodation and support is being provided for people who are local to Brighton & Hove. We are managing the numbers involved and working closely with partners to meet people’s individual needs. It is possible that the number of people facing hardship and homelessness could rise during the weeks and months ahead, we are looking at how best to manage any rise in local demand.

The government has stated that only essential trips should be made at this time. People should not be coming to Brighton & Hove to seek accommodation. We will have to reconnect people to their local services if they are not from Brighton & Hove.