A localised approach to a phased recovery

Covid-19 has changed every aspect of our lives during the last three months. Lockdown measures have undoubtedly saved lives, protected the NHS workers and prevented our health services from becoming overwhelmed. 

Despite the measures that were introduced, many people died too soon as result of the disease and our thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones to Covid-19.

Now that the infection rate is reducing and fewer cases of Covid-19 are being confirmed, the government feels its time to ease some of the lockdown measures so that key aspects of our lives can restart. We are still urged to remain alert to control the virus.

We too want residents to be able to fully enjoy living in Brighton & Hove again and prosper from the city’s uniqueness.  

We want to see the return of thriving shops and businesses. We want children and young people to go back to their nurseries, schools and colleges. And we want to welcome visitors to the city’s hotels, B&Bs, cafes, bars and restaurants and tourist attractions.

Our priority is to make sure we do our best to restart lives and the local economy safely. We want to be able to properly protect our residents and the people who work in Brighton & Hove from a further outbreak of Covid-19, and we want to help ensure that when shops and business in the city reopen, they stay open and flourish. 

Through the newly formed Policy & Resources (Recovery) Sub-Committee, which I will be chairing, councillors and council officers will develop the Recovery Programme which will seek to build a solid foundation for the city, so that Brighton & Hove has the best opportunity to emerge as a safer and healthier city.

This is an unprecedented challenge for our businesses and communities, and we will work with partners in the city and across the region to consider the longer-term implications and provide a recovery programme.

Our preparations for recovery will enable the council, its residents and businesses to be in the best possible position to minimise losses and make best use of opportunities that emerge. This will require a co-ordinated programme over the next 18 months.

Together with our partners we will look at restarting projects, restoring projects, lobbying for financial support, and making positive changes to shape the city’s future.

Councillor Anne Pissaridou, the council’s lead on the environment details some fantastic initiatives for the city’s sustainable recovery. One positive that Covid-19 has shown us is that if we all change our behaviour, real differences can be made. 

Councillor Nancy Platts,
Leader of Brighton & Hove City Council

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