Keeping the city moving – enforcement beginning on 12 city bus lanes

From this month, we will be supporting faster and smoother travel for people using public transport with greater enforcement of 12 of the city’s bus lanes.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras have been installed to deter motorists from driving in the bus lanes and slowing journey times for residents, visitors and commuters, who are using public transport.

The cameras have been installed at various points along Western Road, Preston Road, Old Steine, London Road and Lewes Road. These cameras increase the number of bus lanes that are already being enforced by ANPR. 

Warning notices have been sent to drivers who have been using the bus lanes in recent weeks, however motorists could now be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.

The location of the ANPR cameras are as follows:

•    Preston Road at Grange Close (Northbound) 
•    London Road at Tongdean Lane (Southbound)
•    Western Road at Montpelier Road (Eastbound)
•    Western Road at Regent Hill (Eastbound)
•    Old Steine at Steine Street  (Southbound)
•    Old Steine at St James Street (Westbound)
•    Old Steine at Prince's Street (Southbound) 
•    Old Steine at Pool Valley (Northbound)
•    Lewes Road at Hollingdean Road (Northbound)
•    Lewes Road at Barcombe Road (Southbound)
•    Lewes Road at Moulscombe Way (Southbound)
•    Lewes Road at Saunders Park View (Northbound)
•    Lewes Road at Bear Road (Southbound)

Chair of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee Amy Heley said: “By deterring motorists from driving in bus lanes, we speed up travel for those using buses across the city.

“Having a fast and reliable public transport network is vitally important to encourage more of us to leave the car at home and use sustainable travel instead. 

“We are totally committed to finding practical, positive ways to help us become a carbon neutral city for the good of all. The cameras being installed now were funded by a proposal we put forward at budget time, back at the start of the year, before we came into administration. It is good to now see the proposals become reality. 

“By freeing up bus lanes for their intended use, we’ll see smoother journeys for everyone.”