Join in with our meerkat hunt

Children (and parents!) across Brighton & Hove are being given the chance to add a little more fun and adventure to their daily exercise outing.
The council is looking for nursery and school children across the city to take part in a new meerkat trail while out walking, scooting or cycling as part of their once-a-day exercise routine.
Here’s what we’re asking them to do:

  • Print-off a picture of Meerkat and colour him in. If you would like to, you can draw some clothes on him, use the cut-out clothes provided, or dress him with different materials. If you prefer you can draw your own meerkat, or even display your meerkat soft toy!
  • When you have finished, stick him in a window where other people can see him, but don't forget to ask permission to do this. You may already have drawn a rainbow to say thank you to the NHS and lots of other people who are helping us to safe and well, so you could put Meerkat next to this picture if you have one.
  • Print off your 'walking map' (or use Google Maps) and mark where you live. If you can't print a map you could draw a simple one.  Do ask for help from someone at home if you need to.
  • When you next go for your local walk, take your map with you and see if you can spot and mark on your map:

o    another Meerkat,
o    a rainbow picture,
o    a tree that still has blossom on it or that has new leaves,
o    a 5-minute walking zone sign or another type of road-sign,
o    a street or road name and
o    three other things that you have enjoyed. 

The details, including your school or nursery walking map, are also being sent to city schools and nurseries.
Chair of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee Anne Pissaridou said: “I hope this gives children in the city a little adventure during their daily dose of exercise.
“The vast majority of people in the city have been following the guidance on social distancing, but I know this must be hard for young people and their natural desire to be outside and playing with their friends.  They’re doing brilliantly, but we must keep going.
“Even during this strange time, getting some exercise is important to our physical and mental wellbeing.  I’m really looking forward to seeing some colourful meerkats appearing in windows during my daily walk.”
We would love to hear about your hunt, and see your meerkat, so if you'd like to, send us a photo or tweet it using #findthemeerkats

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