Join the climate assembly conversation

Brighton & Hove’s climate assembly is well underway, and you can take part even if you are not directly involved in the climate assembly itself.

Go to ‘Let’s talk climate change’ online space and share your ideas about:

  • What encourages you to walk or cycle to get around Brighton & Hove? What stops you?
  • What encourages you to get around Brighton & Hove using your car? What stops you?
  • What encourages you to get around Brighton & Hove using public transport? What stops you?

These are questions being asked at the climate assembly. The 50 members taking are also considering: How can we step up actions to reduce transport-related emissions in the city?

At ‘Let’s talk climate change’ you can share your story about the barriers that make it more difficult to engage in active travel.

Or take part in our online polls which ask:

  • Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, are you now using a car for some journeys you previously made by public transport?
  • Should we take away road space used by cars to provide more bus lanes in the city?

Brighton & Hove’s climate assembly members were randomly selected to reflect the city’s diverse population. Find out more about the climate assembly and how members were selected. 

Presentations and supporting materials for the climate assembly are also available. Their final sessions take place on 5 and 7 November and recommendations will be reported to the council next year. 

An independent advisory board of volunteer experts and activists is working with the council to ensure there is a selection of speakers to present information to the climate assembly. Read about the advisory board membership and their meetings.

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