Interested in playing a part in creating our anti-racist city?

We’d like to hear from more groups and people about our work to become an anti-racist city.

The council committed in the summer to use its resources, power and influence to actively dismantle racist structures and challenge racial inequality.

To do this, we have pledged to work with people who have experienced racism, groups tackling racism and race inequality, the community and voluntary sector, businesses, residents and council staff.

A report updating progress on the work was discussed at the Tourism, Equalities, Communities & Culture committee on Thursday 19 November.

Community Advisory Group

As a starting point for engagement, we have held the first meetings of a Community Advisory Group made up of Black and Minority Ethnic-led groups in the city to identify priorities and shape our anti-racist strategy. 

From the first meetings, it’s clear that we need to be working with many others as well, to ensure we are as inclusive as possible in listening to and learning from people’s different experiences of racism and how to address it.

There will be different ways for people to get involved, so if you’re part of a group or you’re an individual interested in taking part in future engagement, please email us at

Help shape our anti-racist city

Councillor Steph Powell, joint chair of the Tourism, Equalities, Communities & Culture committee said: “We’ve pledged to become an anti-racist council and work towards Brighton & Hove becoming an anti-racist city.

“We know that working with people who’ve experienced racism is vital to making real and lasting change. 

“We’re very pleased to be working with the Educators of Colour Collective to develop anti-racism training for schools and with the Racial Harassment Forum on a ‘Break the Silence’ hate crime reporting campaign to launch in December.

“Importantly, our Covid-19 response and plans for recovery are also looking at the different ways in which BME people are affected and identifying specific actions.

“This work will take time and there are many more conversations to have and actions to take. 

“If you would like to help us tackle racial inequality, please do get in touch. We’re keen to hear as many voices as possible.”

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