I’m not going to let a global pandemic stop me!

Wren, a young trans person who also has autism, is continuing to work on his Silver Arts Award - a national Level 2 qualification - despite the Coronavirus pandemic.

With his GCSE exams cancelled, completing the Award is particularly important to him.

The council’s youth participation team has been working with Wren remotely via phone calls, emails and social media to complete the parts of work for the award that are still unfinished.

“I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do my arts leadership at all,” said Wren.

“But my organisational skills have actually improved as I had to write a plan and refer to it in the sessions.

“Finding a balance between having fun and being professional is not always easy!”

Wren has been learning other new skills for his Silver Arts Award, including stop-motion animation and writing arts reviews.

For further information about the support available to young people in the city during the Coronavirus restrictions please: