How we've been looking after our wellbeing in lockdown

We’ve all been affected by Covid-19, no matter who we are, where we live or what communities we’re part of.

You may be struggling with changes to your routine or lifestyle. Perhaps you feel isolated, lonely or frustrated about not being able to get out to meet with family or friends. You might be worried about your health or those close to you. Or you might feel confused about what’s happening and need help to understand. Maybe you’ve enjoyed the change of pace and managed to use the time to learn something new or make positive changes in your life.

Every community and individual has faced their own particular experiences. The things we have in common and the way we have responded to them, are worth sharing so we can learn from each other.

Our own experience of the pandemic

We spoke to some of our residents from across our diverse communities to better understand the challenges they’ve faced, learn how they’ve coped and find out how they’ve looked after their wellbeing through the pandemic.


Darren shares how he’s been staying in touch with people and supporting others in the deaf community:  

“Since lockdown first started there’s been a lot of people within the deaf community that it turns out have been quite hard to reach. I’ve been texting people using Whatsapp, using Skype, webcam, FaceTime.”


Manal talks about how she has been gardening, walking and exercising to keep active during the pandemic:

“The space I go to to look after my mental wellbeing is being out and about in the fresh air. Which means avoiding the park but going by the seafront for a walk. Doing yoga – but that’s a very strange feeling – doing yoga on your own in your garden or doing online yoga with others. The connection is not the same.”


Watch Kiran talk about how she has taken some time to enjoy the environment around her.

“I think I’ve learned to take one day at a time because we never know what’s going to happen tomorrow.”


Linn shares what she’s been learning as well as what she’s learned about herself during the lockdown:

“I have been noticing how when we are in a vulnerable situation and disadvantaged, which lockdown has made us all a bit disadvantaged in some ways, how we pull together as a community.”


Silvio discusses what he’s learned during lockdown and explains how he’s been keeping in touch with his friends. 

“I love cooking and I miss my friends from the chorus. So I cook cheesecake for all the guys around the area. Now, I thought there were only 5 or 6, but there are 17 members in Kemptown, so I had to make two cheesecakes!”


Vivien shares how she has continued to care for her mental wellbeing during lockdown: 

“I’ve mostly been walking in the town with my husband, and with my daughter in the countryside, which has been wonderful.”

There’s lots you can do to boost your own wellbeing

For local support

Our community advice and support hub can link you with support for food and shopping, getting online, debt advice, wellbeing, loneliness, mental health, domestic violence, care and more.

Community Roots provides prevention, wellbeing and recovery support for people with a range of mental health issues, as well as their families or carers.

Health Trainers from our Healthy Lifestyles team can help you to make small, achievable changes to your lifestyle.

Brighton and Hove Wellbeing service provides one-to-one support for children and young people from 4-25 years, who require support for anxiety, low mood, stress and phobias.

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