Heartwarming messages mean so much

Our Cityclean teams are being praised by a very special group of people – local children.

Street cleaners and bin crews have been amazed and delighted to find kids' notes, messages and pictures stuck to bins, front doors and windows saying ‘Thank You’ and telling the staff to ‘Stay Safe’.

The images are decorated with rainbow smiles and faces, drawings of litter bins and colourful hearts.

"The pictures really make us smile"

The crews have already started displaying the posters in their lorries by hanging them safely in the top of their cabins. 

Driver Daniel Reading, who covers Hangleton and parts of Hove, said: “When I and the other crews saw these pictures it really made us smile and let us know how much we’re valued and what an important job we’re doing.

“It really makes it all worthwhile, especially when we’re being thanked by children and their families. It really gives us a huge boost, so thank you so much from all of us at Cityclean.”

Drawings like NHS ones

The drawings are similar to the one’s children are using to thanks the nation’s hard-working and courageous NHS staff.

Cllr Anne Pissaridou, chair of the council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee, said: “Every one of our Cityclean staff are carrying out a fantastic job in these very unusual and difficult circumstances.

“Our street cleaners, and waste and recycling crews are working flat out to provide the best service possible.

"Cityclean carrying out amazing job"

“But we mustn’t forget the staff behind the scenes, including the management, who are organising the whole Cityclean operation every day to ensure the city is as clean and tidy as it can be.

“Despite almost half of Cityclean’s front line staff self-isolating or unwell, the management team has carried out an amazing job recruiting new staff to fill in.”

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