Guide for a Covid safe half-term

It’s the first half term of the school year in the middle of a pandemic. How can parents and children enjoy this autumn break while staying Covid-safe?

This is usually a time when many families organise play dates. But we are living through a pandemic and need to ask everyone to take extra care this year. 

Don't take risks

Everyone is working really hard to stop Covid from spreading and we all deserve to have fun and enjoy this school holiday. But we cannot afford to take any risks. 

Please continue to follow the public health guidelines this half term so that we can stop Covid spreading in the city and keep all our children in school. 

If you are organising a play date, please follow these guidelines:

  • Limit the number of people you mix with and try not to mix households. 
  • You must keep to groups of no more than six people – that includes children as well as adults.
  • Try to maintain social distancing, even when outdoors.
  • Save sleepovers for next year, they are particularly high risk.
  • Please don’t go trick or treating this year.

Follow the guidelines

If you are going out for the day please avoid sharing lifts with people not in your household if possible.  If you cannot avoid it, sit as far apart as possible in the car, keep windows open and wear a mask. 

And at all times when outside, please follow the guidelines about wearing face coverings.

Fun at home 

Here are some ideas of fun ways to enjoy the autumn half term at home this year:

  • Virtual online playdates - with quizzes, games or a Halloween costume competition
  • Get creative – make your own Halloween decorations to hang around the house and put in the window
  • Scavenger trail - hide clues and Halloween treats around the house or garden
  • Make treats at home - decorate a pizza to look like a jack 'o' lantern, bake creepy cupcakes, make spooky sandwiches

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