3 June 2020

Extended working hours on construction sites

We have published guidance for developers, construction site managers and residents in response to a recent government direction that construction sites be allowed to have a temporary extension of their working hours if they request it.

The move is designed to help site operators arrange safe working in line with physical distancing guidelines and keep major projects moving forward.

Government guidance says that working hours can be increased until 9pm Monday to Saturday unless there are compelling reasons not to do so. Sundays and Bank Holidays remain as non-working days.

Councillor Tracey Hill, chair of Brighton & Hove’s planning committee, said: “We understand that extending working hours on construction sites will have an impact on neighbouring residents, especially at the moment when more people are at home. 

“As part of their request to extend their working hours, we are asking developers to set out how they will communicate with residents and agree to carry out any noisy work during the daytime.

“Enabling the safe operation of construction sites will help to support the city as it moves towards recovery, in particular major projects that will provide future jobs and build new, low cost homes to address our critical housing need.”

The Environmental Health team is also working with developers to ensure that every effort is made to control noise and dust from construction work.

Our new guidance is for:

  • Developers – outlining what they should include when applying for an extension of hours
  • Operators of construction sites – advising how they must take steps to reduce noise as much as possible, follow safe working practices and keep public areas tidy and free from obstructions
  • Residents – what to do when problems arise and how to contact the council

Read our guidance on the website.