Exercising and public spaces

Brighton & Hove’s larger parks and open spaces are crucial for exercise and mental wellbeing. 

As from Wednesday 13 May, we can:

  • spend more time outdoors – for example sitting in parks and open spaces and enjoying the fresh air
  • exercise as often as we wish - following physical distancing guidelines
  • meet one other person from a different household outdoors - following physical distancing guidelines
  • use outdoor sports facilities such as a tennis court or golf course – with members of your household, or one other person while staying 2 metres apart. Team sports are not permitted.

Despite these changes to the rules, it’s still possible for Coronavirus to spread from person to person, so it’s crucial we keep two metres apart from anyone that we do not live with.

We are encouraging and reminding people about the need for physical distancing through signage and pavement stencilling across the city.

Sports facilities

We have reopened council-run tennis courts but we’re keeping children’s playgrounds, skate parks and outdoor gyms closed to reduce the risk of infection.

Plans to re-open Hollingbury Golf Course are progressing, following the grant of the lease earlier this year to The Circle, but over the last few weeks we have been concerned to hear that walkers and runners are leaving the footpaths and straying further onto the course and greens.  

Hollingbury Golf Course is not a public park it’s really important to stay on the footpaths. Although golf is not currently being played, it soon will be and straying from the paths will become extremely dangerous.

Sea swimming and open water sports are once again permitted but we are reminding everyone to only venture into the sea if they are strong swimmers

Tips for getting the most out of the city’s parks and open spaces

  • Please do not visit a park or open space if you have any Covid-19 symptoms – fever, coughs, shortness of breath. 
  • Please consider that people without gardens rely on parks more, if you have a garden, make use of this space for exercise and fresh air. 
  • To ensure you can continue to observe physical distancing, please use all areas of the park that remain open, not just the paths, so you can maintain two metres distance from others.
  • If a park or open space is crowded, please do not enter if you cannot safely stay at a distance from others.
  • Please consider exercising in quieter, less-used streets. 
  • Avoid touching surfaces (such as gates or hand-rails) and your mouth and face. Wash your hands as soon as you get home.
  • Keep your dog on a lead to ensure you can safely keep 2 metres away from others.
  • Pay attention to instructions provided by parks services including any officials on site. Temporary measures have been put in place to safeguard you.
  • Do not use areas of the park that have been closed– these are closed to stop the possible spread of Covid-19 through touching surfaces and keeping a safe distance from others.
  • Please take all your litter home with you.

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