Electric start for new EV charging points

New figures are showing a bright start for the city’s newest on-street electric vehicle charging points.

More than 200 lamppost chargers were installed over the summer thanks to thanks to £300,000 from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles and a £100,000 investment from operator Electric Blue.

During September and October, the first two months when all lamppost chargers were installed and operating, they were used 1,191 times, delivered 13,402 kWh worth of energy and helped save approximately 11.1 metric tonnes in carbon emissions.

We also saw a big increase in usage in October compared to September with the number of kWh up by 40% and the number of times the chargers were used up by 19%.

We have started recording data for three Fast Chargers in Ditchling Road, Islingword Road and Kings Road Car Park, and look forward to sharing comparable data in the coming months.

More detailed figures can be found on our electric vehicles page on the website.

Positive start for electric vehicle charging

Chair of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee Amy Heley: “This is great news for our growing electric vehicle infrastructure and for those residents and visitors who have invested in electric or hybrid vehicles.”

“We know that in order to meet our climate goals and improve air quality, we need to drastically reduce car use in our city. However, we also know that for those people who need drive in the city, having the right infrastructure in place is a big consideration for choosing whether or not to go electric. 

“Our goal is to be a carbon neutral city by 2030. We move closer to achieving that ambitious target every time a petrol or diesel engine is replaced with an electric one.”

How can I charge my electric vehicle?

Residents and visitors can find their nearest charging point by downloading the Electric Blue App to their mobile phones.

Charging costs 26p per kw/h for lamppost chargers, 27p per kw/h for fast and rapid chargers and are fuelled by 100% renewable energy. The council will receive 1p per kwh in year one increasing to 4p per kwh in year 4, which can be reinvested in more charge points.

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