COVID-19 – Pulling together to protect the vulnerable

Yesterday’s announcement on the COVID-19 lockdown was a necessary measure and there’s no doubt it’s going to be an extremely tough time.

My primary concern is to protect people living and working in our city, but most of all our more vulnerable residents.  

By taking the actions below, you can help the NHS and that means you can help save lives.

You should only leave the house for food, medicines, essential work or for some exercise once a day.

When you go out, you must stay two metres (about six feet) away from other people. Stay with people in your household and don’t meet up in groups.  

We have started closing our playgrounds and outdoor sports facilities from today. 

Our parks and beaches will remain open for people who live nearby and don’t have gardens.

For most of us, getting outside for exercise once a day is recommended, as long as we keep our distance.

Please do not meet up with friends and family in parks or on the beach for picnics, barbeques or other social gatherings.

To protect ourselves, we need to look out for one another, so we all need to be very disciplined about this.

This is what social distancing means.

Wash your hands thoroughly as soon as you get home.

As a council, we are rapidly having to change the way we work.  

Our primary focus is to keep residents and staff safe and to deliver essential services to people who need them.

For the next few weeks, it will not be possible for our staff to come into offices or speak to residents face-to-face.

This is a very challenging process and an ever changing one – please bear with us while we reset ourselves to our new reality.

We’re updating information about the changes we’re making to council services daily.  

I want to thank our staff and our partners for supporting the city’s communities. I’d also like to thank residents for looking after one another during this difficult time. 

Please do take the measures outlined here – it will save lives.

Thank you.

Councillor Nancy Platts
Leader of the council

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