Covid-19 – key statistics for Brighton & Hove

You can now find some of our key local data around Covid-19 on our website.

We’re sharing three graphs that provide detailed information relating to Covid-19 in Brighton & Hove. 

They cover:

  • the number of times people have been assessed through NHS helplines as having symptoms of Covid-19 
  • the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 
  • the number of deaths in 2020 in Brighton & Hove

The graphs will be updated daily during the week, except for the graph showing deaths which will be updated weekly.

Alistair Hill, Director of Public Health said: “We wanted to share the data for Brighton & Hove to make sure our residents always have a clear and accurate picture of the impact of Covid-19 in the city.”

“Sharing these graphs now coincides with a change to the way cases are reported by the government

“Previously the number of positive cases only included data from tests processed in NHS hospital and Public Health England labs (known as Pillar 1 testing). The new, higher figure reflects all of the different locations that NHS tests are processed including commercial laboratories (known as Pillar 2 testing). 

“It’s really important that this information is now published so that we have a fuller picture of the spread of the virus. This will help us to inform plans for our services and take any necessary local action.”

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