Council leader urges everyone in Brighton & Hove and across Sussex to do everything to protect their loved ones over the Christmas period and into the new year

Speaking following the government announcement yesterday which sees the city remain in Tier 2; but other parts of Sussex become Tier 4, Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty said:

"I recognise that the last-minute tightening of the Christmas rules is very difficult for many people. However, it is our duty to ensure the safety of each other.
"The more time you spend with people, the more chance you have of bringing Covid into your home and into other people’s homes during Christmas. So please keep contact to a minimum.
“The bottom line is that right now in our city, the number of new cases has more than doubled in one week. This increase is very concerning. And we know surrounding areas have also shown a rapid growth.
“We don't yet know what this new strain of the virus means for us and we’re sadly anticipating a further rise in cases.
“So while we’re allowed to spend Christmas with others, my ask of everyone is to stay at home over Christmas and new year as much as possible.
“Keep your Christmases small and short.  
"More and more people are going into hospital and people are still dying. I know we have the resolve and resilience to get through this and adapt our Christmases this year.
“Thank you also to the many many people in our city who have already changed their plans and are following the guidelines.”
Council Mac Cafferty also urged people in Brighton & Hove doing last minute shopping to follow the simple guidelines both in shops and in the streets. He said:
“Before you head out, check that you’ve got hand gel, you’ve got your mask and think about doing what I do which is to try and wear your mask from the moment you leave home; until you’re back.
“If you’re using public transport, as well as wearing your mask, make sure that you try to keep your distance as much as possible whether that’s queuing or actually on the bus or train.
“In shops, please don’t touch things unless you’re going to buy them. Think through the surfaces in a shop that many people touch and don’t touch your face or eat without washing your hands. In any case when you get home, wash your hands.
“Wear your face coverings, avoid crowded places and keep your hands clean.”

Information on the support and help for people over Christmas can be found on the council’s website 

Information on what you can and can’t do in the four tiers is on the government website