Council Leader Nancy Platts' statement on restraints used in police arrest

Brighton & Hove City Council Leader Councillor Nancy Platts is to meet with Nick May, Brighton & Hove Divisional Police Commander and Chair of the Brighton & Hove Racial Harassment Forum Mahir Chowdhury to discuss the restraints used to arrest a Black man yesterday (8 July 2020) in a Brighton street. The arrest was filmed by a member of the public and shared on social media platforms.

Nancy said:

“I was angry when I saw the video and I know other people are too. Many people have contacted me to share their fear and distress and I thank them for reaching out to me and other councillors about this.

“I’ve spoken with Nick May and have asked him for details about this arrest and about the restraining techniques that were used. 

“I agree with Sussex Police’s decision to refer the matter to the Independent Office for Police Conduct who will look into this and form a decision on whether any further investigation is needed.

“I understand this referral in itself won’t make people feel less angry about the restraint methods used yesterday. I have spoken with the Chair of the Brighton & Hove Racial Harassment Forum Mahir Chowdhury and have agreed to attend a meeting between Mahir and Nick to hear more about how people are arrested and community relations between the police and Black communities in the city.

“Brighton & Hove is renowned around the world for its strength as a city because we challenge inequality. We know as a council we need to do more to end racism and racial inequality in the city and we have given that commitment to start this work immediately. 

“A Black Lives Matter march is being held in the city this weekend. I want the march to be safe for everyone to attend so that together we can show our solidarity in ending racism.

“I ask everyone to protest peacefully so that voices can be heard and listened to.”