Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Respecting those who keep our city moving

We’re living in unprecedented and challenging times. The last few weeks have been fast moving for us all and everyone, including myself, is still adjusting to the ‘new normal’. 

Everyone is getting used to a new way of living and working and council staff are no different, responding daily to new challenges and priorities to support the people and services most in need.

There are practical things we are all doing to help, but respecting each other and those working hard to keep our city moving is something I’d urge everyone to remember.

Moving around the city

I’m pleased to see far fewer cars on our roads at the moment. It means we are listening to messages about staying at home whenever possible - thank you. 

I’ve also noticed more people choosing to cycle as part of their daily exercise routine, a key part of maintaining our physical and mental wellbeing right now. 

Remember, it's important to stay within your local area when exercising outdoors - we are fortunate to have many walking & cycling routes within the city for residents to take advantage of. 

BTN Bikeshare scheme remains open, with staff taking appropriate measures to regularly clean the bikes - please play your part by only using the scheme when necessary and wash your hands before and after use. 

BTN Bikeshare and the council are currently discussing how to provide a prioritised service for NHS staff - further updates will be provided soon. 

I’d ask motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to be responsible and respectful to one another. Give everyone the time and space they need to move around safely and practice those all important social distancing measures.

Watch your speeds for your own safety and the safety of others. At a time when our NHS is so stretched, we should be doing all we can to minimise the chance of collisions and serious injuries. Please protect our NHS.

Construction projects

Many important construction projects around the city are continuing so that we can reduce delays and minimise the economic impact on the city. These include projects at Valley Gardens and Shelter Hall.

We are encouraging contractors on these sites to limit the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and are in daily contact with them.


We are providing free parking to NHS and social workers at a time when we need them most. Our parking enforcement teams are focusing on those serious contraventions and incidents of obstructive or dangerous parking. 

We need to ensure essential services and supplies can be accessed by the most vulnerable and those most in need of our support. 

Please respect the work our parking enforcement officers are doing to keep roads clear and access routes open.

Respecting our workforce

While many of us are getting used to working from home, the council still needs to have staff working in our communities to ensure we are kept safe and that roads and highways are accessible for those people and services who need them most.

Their work is important and I would ask everyone to show them the respect they deserve during these challenging times. 

There are a lot of things we can’t control at the moment, but being respectful to those hard working people keeping our city moving is something we can all do.

Councillor Anne Pissaridou
Chair, Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee

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